Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to install an application?

Use wsadminlib's method installApplication().

Here is the method signature. The parameter names are straightforward, and the pydoc is pretty good. The list of servers is meant to specify individual non-clustered servers. If a server is part of a cluster, just specify the cluster name.

def installApplication( filename, servers, clusternames, options )


First let's install an app on a cluster of servers. Define the name of the ear file, and the name of the cluster. Then install the app, specifying an empty list for individual servers, and no options.

filename = '/tmp/pxyapps.ear'
clusternames = [ 'cluster1' ]
installApplication( filename, [], clusternames, None )

After saving the config, we can browse to the admin console, look at the app's mappings, and see it worked:

Individual servers

Next let's install an app on an individual non-clustered server. Define the server in a list of dictionaries containing the node name and server name. This time we specify an empty list for the clusternames.