Friday, January 14, 2011

Updated now available

An updated version of has been published on IBM developerWorks.

It provides:
  • 35 new methods covering a variety of functional areas: applications, security, caching, JVM properties, SIBus, etc.  It also provides several methods to configure the new High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL) feature available in the WebSphere Application Server V8 (currently in beta).
  • 7 updates to existing methods.  These are few small fixes and a few new parameters for existing methods.
  • 1 useless method was deleted; it was in the original version by mistake.
  • The ability to access methods in using the python import statement. 
The full list of method changes is attached below the jump.

The new has the same terms and conditions as the original.  To summarize, it is a free. 'as-is', sample script package, not supported by IBM.  The official statement is in the prologue of

This update replaces the original version of published in April 2010.  Be sure to save your original copy in case you have modified it or don't like something in the new update.

You may fetch the updated version of wsadminlib from the same location:
- go to [IBM developerWorks WebSphere Sample Scripts]
- search for 'wsadminlib'.

On behalf of the more than 30 contributors, we hope you continue to find to be an incredibly useful resource.

PS: The new update contains SVN revision number 115:
        print "$Id: 115 2011-01-03 15:51:00Z dingsor $"

List of changes to, January 2011 (in no particular order):

        stopServer - new parm to specify 'terminate'
        setDeploymentAutostart - fix
        enableLTPALDAPSecurity - new parm enableJava2Security
        enableKerberosSecurity - fix
        addSIBusMember_ext - fix
        createJAAS - return object
        createDerbyDataSource - new parm datasourceName, return object