Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to save my changes?

Use wsadminlib's method save(). This method saves your changes and pushes them out to all the nodes immediately (if you are running in a cell environment). It also displays all the changes, for debug purposes.

Here is a screenshot from the end of an exercise where I created a new server:

[2010-0301-1150-2400] save: AdminConfig.queryChanges()
[2010-0301-1150-2400] save: WASX7146I: The following configuration files contain unsaved changes:
[2010-0301-1150-2400] save: cells/ndcell/nodes/node1/servers/server1/server.xml
[2010-0301-1150-2400] save: AdminConfig.hasChanges()
[2010-0301-1150-2400] save: AdminConfig.getSaveMode()
[2010-0301-1150-2400] save: rollbackOnConflict
[2010-0301-1150-2400] save: AdminConfig.save()
[2010-0301-1150-2400] save: Save complete!
[2010-0301-1150-2500] wsadminlib.syncall Start
[2010-0301-1150-2500] wsadminlib.syncall Sync config to node node1
[2010-0301-1150-2600] wsadminlib.syncall Done